Tea with Rosie…….

Wedding photographer from heaven!

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon the work of wedding photographer Rosie Parsons and I’ve been admiring her photos and trotting off to her blog on a daily basis, seriously take a look at her gallery I could just keep posting more pictures.  Ooooh here’s another one.


To cut a cyber story short, she popped round for some tea and cake today and took some stunning shots of pieces I hire here at Vintage Tea Sets.  Take a look at some here

Thank you Rosie, they’re beautiful!



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4 responses to “Tea with Rosie…….

  1. Beautiful photography, thanks for sharing. Just had a look at Rosie’s work and it’s stunning!

  2. Good Luck for the very big day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Woo! Just saw the photos over at rock and roll bride – the wedding looks LUSH and yo ulook FANTASTIC!

  4. Ooooh thanks Mithi, felt a bit surreal at the time! It was a great shin dig! Loved every minute, going to post a few of Rosies pics on here in a minute x She’s an amazing photographer….

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