My 1920’s wedding



Just a short and sweet post on here as I’m busy packing for the honeymoon, for those of you who landed here from Vintage Tea Sets my Mum Penny will be holding the crockery fort so do not fear, just give her a tinkle on 0117 9532973.

Anyway, it was a blast and Rosie Parsons has just sent me some taster pics of my 1920’s style wedding with a lovely afternoon tea…..that girl does not waste time I tell you! Amazing, just got back from the venue and there were some waiting for me on Rock n Roll Bride

Ads settling his nerves with some bubbles

Ads settling his nerves with some bubbles

More tea vicar?

More tea vicar?

Let the afternoon tea commence

Let the afternoon tea commence


Vintage tea sets


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7 responses to “My 1920’s wedding

  1. Congratulations! Hope you both have a fabulous honeymoon and every happiness in your life together! xo

  2. Congratulations to you both. Amazing photos and fabulous wedding. Makes me wish I could get married all over again. Enjoy!

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous. Tres Clara Bows! Wishing you a wonderful honeymoon.

  4. Your wedding looks lovely! x

  5. you and the whole party looks gorgeous! love the concept and wish you all the best!

  6. BRAVO! Starting a lifelong commitment with love, style, friends, anda a sense of a humor is PERFECT!

  7. Oh congratulations Vicky!!! Stumbled across your photos on rocknroll bride and thought – hmm that name sounds familiar!! (from flickr!)

    Looks like such a perfect day – recently got engaged and have been looking at ideas for my own individual wedding day.

    You and all of your guests looked fabulous, loved all of the little details – must have been ALOT of effort – but worth it!

    Congratulations again,


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