Stop the press……

one 20 lovely trios added to my collection this week

one of 65 lovely trios added to my collection this week, very similar styles

Well, its been an interesting week thats for sure!  Strap into your seat…..Last Thursday I had an article featured on me and my furious/obsessive china collecting in the local paper ‘The Bristol Evening Post‘ and have been rung since by all sorts of lovely ladies and gents which is all well and good, any excuse to talk about the collection without driving friend and family crazy! A few doors have flung open thanks to that local publicity and also I’ve been booked to give the Womens Institute a talk which I cannot wait for (next year) as they are legends, I’m going to ask if they can get some cake on!  I love dating the ceramics I have and getting the back history, Its not about them just looking pretty, I think I can talk for an hour about my sets (good gracious)….

I also made a life changing decision,   I resigned from my day job da da dahhhhhh!  A very bold step indeed,  I worked as a project manager for a mobile phone company for many years, it was a very difficult decision as I met some great people over the years and it was a secure job, it was a good job actually! but….I wanted to devote all my time to Vintage Tea Sets and couldn’t do it all.  With the support of my husband and Mum, they reckoned I should concentrate on what I love and am passionate about, so there.  Which means I can now take VTS where I want to, over the next few months you’ll notice some big changes happening to Vintage Tea Sets, exciting and market leading, watch this space as there’s going to be some announcements…and also keep your peepers open for ‘West Country Life Magazine’ this saturday as it happens!  there’s another article on my sets!  not to mention a leading bridal magazine are running a 3 pager but thats months away….

Anyway, here’s some pictures of some of the 65 beautiful trio sets I acquired earlier in the week, in total my collection has increased to well over 500 now!



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3 responses to “Stop the press……

  1. Exciting times! Hope you are not too sad leaving your work mates and all the very best for going full time on your own work!

  2. YOU GO GIRL! Yay …

    Nice article too 😉

  3. Bold, but exciting. I can’t wait to follow the next exciting installment of VTS and seeing it grow bigger and bigger!

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