Vintage Tea Sets China Hire on the BBC!

Back in August this year I was asked to provide vintage cake stands for Series 3 Episode ‘The Cake’ for Chef chef Raymond Blancs’ Restaurant Programme.

The episode was aired on Thursday and not only do my cake stands make an appearance but so do I.  I was asked to come along and give my thoughts on the afternoon tea in a professional capacity and I have to say…..I wasn’t too impressed and that came across pretty well I think!  Over two hours to get served and the some stale sandwiches arrived and some shop bought cakes…..not good.  But my friend Kathryn and I still had fun watching the chaos unfurl, people walking out and throwing barneys.

Watch it again here on BBC iPlayer to find out what NOT to do for an Afternoon Tea!


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8 responses to “Vintage Tea Sets China Hire on the BBC!

  1. I saw the programme, and wasn’t too impressed either. Often these programmes show you how not to do it. Weren’t they allowed to have more staff, surely this would have helped do a better service.

    I once heard someone say ‘It’s all part of the journey’.

    I was looking more at the China and the ladies dresses which were beautiful.

    Entertaining programme, none the less.

    • They should have had more staff given that two teams really did nothing. The fella with the sausage rolls was so fed up, all he needed to do was bring some samples out and people would have just ordered.

      I did go with quite high expectations….if only I’d known the contestants this year didn’t know how to use a tin opener and tried to open coconuts with knives I’d have been better prepared!

  2. Hello! You been busy haven’t you? … Sorry I haven’t been in touch – been completely swamped by work/dissertation and dance teaching commitments … when you gonna come out dancing miss?????

    Thank you for the comment bout the poster 🙂

    Hope all the banking stuff has been sorted …


  3. ps, love the china girl photo ;P

  4. So glad I didn’t end up being one of the teams…

  5. bake-a-boo

    Vicky!!! why did you not tell me this was on!! I missed it!! x

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