Green Weddings – Rosie Parsons meets Green Union

Good friend of mine Rosie Parsons (amazing photographer, check her out immediately) moved to Devon a couple of weeks ago, and whilst its a real shame she’s no longer knocking around Bristol, it does give me a damn good excuse to visit one of my favourite parts of the world on a regular basis and sample tea and cake in quaint tea rooms, clouds….silver linings!  When I said I was popping over for a visit she suggested we go and visit the very lovely Rosie Ames founder of Green Union who I’ve been chatting to for over a year know and recently joined her movement of promoting stylish and sustainable celebrations.   Well hell yes!  that sounded a great idea!

When we arrived at Rosie Ames beautiful house thats situated in the heart of rural Devon, a freshly baked warm delicious polenta cake was waiting for us on the table,  all around was the stunning craftsmanship of her husband David Ames who makes the most gorgeous wooden furniture.  We chatted, drank tea, ate that gorgeous cake and said Hi to her cute chickens until it started to get dark….quite frankly I was ready to move in.  It was heaven!!! What had Rosie A let herself in for.  She also runs a B&B there and I mentioned on the return journey that I am sure she must do a heavenly breakfast if the cake is anything to go by, well worth a visit .  Rosie Parsons has already blogged this here, but here again are her lovely shots of the day including one of me in my Clara Bows Hats I make.

Polenta Cake that was yum!

The very lovely Rosie Ames

Rosie feeding the chooks


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One response to “Green Weddings – Rosie Parsons meets Green Union

  1. Thanks for the lovely blog from the lovely Vicky! The cake looks divine so do the chickens, not sure about me in the green ummmmmmmm what is it anyway?! It was lovely to see you both.

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