Three of the best wedding Blogs – rocking, vintage and green!

I think its time I shared the love to be honest, there’s been lots of it going round recently and I’ve shied away.  And ‘no’ to all you potty minded people, I’ve not lost the plot briefly and planted pampas outside, this is blog love and don’t you forget it (waggles finger).  Over recent months myself and my business Vintage Tea Sets has been featured on a number of amazing wedding blogs and its time these fab bloggers were shouted from the rooftops, they are a huge source of inspiration away from the generic magazine copy wedding world.  So go grab yourself a cuppa and strap yourself in for a journey through every different type of wedding blog site you could wish for.  A big thanks to Kat of Rock ‘n Roll Bride, Annabel Beeforth of Love my Dress and Rosie Ames of Green Union.

First up, introducing the fabulous Rock ‘n Roll Bride!!!!!!

and its stylish creator and very talented prolific blogger Kat Williams, photographed here by Rosie Parsons.  She looks wild, I love it!

Kats blog was a breath of fresh air when I first discovered it and just keeps getting fresher! that’s no mean feat in the blogging world ladies and gents this lady is a wedding guru of the highest order and works incredibly hard to be a source of inspiration across the globe (oh yes). The weddings and photography she features on her blog are  awe inspiring to say the least and often leave me thinking…jeeesh, wish I’d done that! but with happily wedded couples and their photographers clambering over themselves to get a mention on her site she gets the cream of the crop and only months later National Mags pick up on some of her pieces, she’s top of her game.

What I also love about her blog is that the focus is not so much about the suppliers which is refreshing, I recall as a bride getting hacked off with the usual fluff being rammed down my neck that I should and shouldn’t have for my wedding.  In Kats own words “Rock ‘n Roll Bride promotes individuality and general awesomeness in a cookie cutter, pastel pink, poufy dressed wedding world. Don’t let the wedding industry define your day – let *you* define your day” that’s a wedding mantra I wish I’d written just there let alone the blog!

She’s a leading light for individual wedding inspiration with a huge following in the US, you must stop by her blog and check it out and be wowed.

Big love to Kat x

Next up is a new arrival on the wedding blog arena but has literally bust onto the scene in the last month and is making a massive impression on vintage lovers everywhere, its the wonderful ‘Love my Dress‘ created by Annabel Beeforth and features a number of guest bloggers giving it a very unique and exciting feel.

Copyright (c) 2009, Karen McGowran Photography

When I was planning my 1920’s styled wedding I hunted high and low for ideas and struggled, it wasn’t easy as there weren’t many 1920’s style dresses about and genuine vintage was out as I’m 6ft, not good, I was setting up Vintage Tea Sets and working a full time job………If only this blog had existed then it would have saved me days of my life scouring the net getting very confused and perplexed.   Annabels blog brings the very best of everything a bride could want under one roof for the vintage inspired wedding, beautiful photography, interesting interviews with her favourite suppliers that range from stationary to dresses all brought to you in a wonderful writing style that keeps sending you back for more, she knows what she likes and damn! she’s got very good taste.  Just take a look at that stunning picture of her above taken at her wedding last year, she’s giving advice!!!! Whilst she says she’s no wedding expert, I think its fair to say that in this arena she is fast cherry picking the best of the best saving valuable time for Bride to be’s.

This immensely talented lady is one to watch on the wedding blogging scene for 2010, with an ever growing following I see her becoming the Queen of vintage wedding blogs. Check her blog out and remember you saw her here first…..

And finally its Green Union founded by Rosie Ames (below), which is more of a movement with a blog however the blog is growing and bursting with ideas for the eco-couple and is just getting bigger year on year.

My partner and I are big advocates of green living and I wanted to ensure that our wedding recognised that fact, at the time I was just 1920’s crazy and for some bizarre reason thought the two wouldn’t mix, well they went hand in hand.  When I stumbled on the Green Union blog last year I was amazed!!! it was such a great resource, so much so I ended up getting in touch with Rosie Ames the founder and after a year of keeping in touch visited the HQ, this lady lives Green Union and her Polenta cake kicked butt, no messing.

Having a Green Wedding doesn’t mean you have to get your guests to cycle to the venue and then dish them up a nice bowl of lentils (oi! I love daal!!! and sorry Rosie!!!!).   No, being green can be super stylish, you can still be Rock n Roll or a Vintage Goddess, your style can go hand in hand,  just tweak a few things and revel in the fact that you have cut down on CO2 emissions, lets face it we can bury our heads in the sand or take some responsibility, being green on your wedding day can make it all the more memorable and with this brilliant resource and blog you’ll see how easy it is to make a difference.

A real inspiration and master of cake.

Big hugs x

There is some huuuuge blogging talent out there, the above are my favs and I find myself reading every day, why not bookmark them and see for yourself?



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10 responses to “Three of the best wedding Blogs – rocking, vintage and green!

  1. Some well deserved blog lovin’. What inspirational women. You are in great company there!

  2. awww thaks for such a LOVELY write up. you make me sound like i know what im doing! im going to add this to my ‘blog love’ page for SURE!

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  4. Thank you so so much Vicky, this was a wonderful surprise this evening and has truly made my day! I shall link to this feature from my Blog.
    I am brimming from ear to ear – one very lady over here! 🙂

  5. …very “delighted” lady that was meant to say!! doh! 😉

  6. Well thank you Vicky for lining me up with Rock ‘n Roll Bride and LoveMyDress – exalted company! Bless you!
    Rosie @ GreenUnion

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