Hobbs Best of Bristol Show 2010 photos from Ria Mishaal Cooke

On Saturday it was the Hobbs Best of Bristol Show 2010 in the Colston Hall, I was lucky enough to be given my own millinery section for Clara Bows where I fully styled the models from head to toe and here are some gorgeous pictures taken by Ria Mishaal Cooke Photography capturing my models doing the charleston across the stage, it was an incredibly proud moment and I’m ever so thankful Ria shared these images, you should take a look at her blog to see even more beautiful images capturing the whole day. Scroll further down to find out more about Ria.

Clara Bows Millinery

Ria Says ” I am a two-career girl: a photographer and a neuroscientist. I have a passion for creative expression and an enthusiasm for acquiring and communicating knowledge. I photographed my first wedding while studying for my PhD and was immediately hooked. To be a wedding photographer is a privileged and exciting role and I adore the individuality, beauty and emotion of every single wedding I experience.

I took my first photographs on my grandfather’s old Pentax. Over the years, several different cameras have seen me shoot and photo-edit for the student newspaper, hold several public exhibitions and achieve distinctions both for visual art and wedding photography.

I aspire to take images that are inspiring, aesthetically appealing and that capture moments of beauty and fun. I am chosen by couples for my journalistic style, my creative portraits and my personal attention to creating a special and individual service.”

Check out her website for more details!


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One response to “Hobbs Best of Bristol Show 2010 photos from Ria Mishaal Cooke

  1. Wow, what an amazing looking show. Your models look gorgeous. You must be delighted with the results. Well done you!

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