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Vintage Tea Sets, Alice in Wonderland and the Sanderson Hotel

Well folks, My Vintage Tea Sets cake stands will regularly be making an appearance (up to 50 times a day!) at the fabulously trendy and ultra lavish Sanderson Hotel, take a look at the hotels website and you can see exactly why it was chosen for the world premiere aftershow party for all the cast!  (I’m still so very chuffed that my cake stands were used for that party and have been used by Royalty and Johnny Depp!  eek).

Meantime, here’s the press release for the amazing afternoon tea at the Sanderson thats being served on Vintage Tea Sets cake stands.  Not bad eh?

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and try the Mad Hatters afternoon tea at Sanderson for an unusual culinary experience that keeps on getting curiouser and curiouser.

Eat me
Featuring pineapple lollipops that turn your mouth from cold to hot and multicoloured finger sandwiches, this Alice in Wonderland inspired tea is for those who love to play with their food. Other highlights of the quirky Mad Hatters afternoon tea at Sanderson include a Queen of Hearts teacake that melts in your mouth as soon as you bite into its strawberry and white chocolate shell, and exploding mint chocolate chip ice cream lollipops.

Colourful finger sandwiches
In keeping with the eccentric theme, the finger sandwiches in the Mad Hatters afternoon tea at Sanderson come in a variety of bright colours. Nibble on ham and English mustard sandwiches served on yellow saffron bread, or smoked salmon and cream cheese on green spinach bread.

Fairytale tea
No tea would be complete without a selection of cakes and sweet treats, and the Mad Hatters afternoon tea comes complete with a hazelnut and passion fruit tart topped with the White Rabbit’s pocket watch, as well as a chocolate crackle cupcake surprise. Traditional scones with lashings of clotted cream and jam are also part of the afternoon tea.

The Mad Hatters afternoon tea at Sanderson is available daily from 2.30pm – 5.30pm throughout March 2010. The tea is served in the Courtyard Garden at the hotel.

The standard tea costs £20.00 per person, and is also available with a glass of Veuve Cliquot Champagne for £26.00. For more information and to make a reservation, call 0207 300 1444

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Clara Bows Fascinator Workshop photographed by Rosie Parsons

The gorgeous Rosie Parsons popped up to see me earlier in the week with her camera! after a lovely catch up at Bocca Bar she came with me to a ‘Mad Hatter’ themed fascinator workshop I was hosting at Caffe Clifton and took some snaps to go in my beautiful millinery website Clara Bows that both she and her husband Lee created for me.

It was a really lovely relaxed evening and the ladies that attended made some really beautiful things, two even vowed to wear their creations into work the next day!  I so hope they did.  Anyway, as they say, a picture can tell a thousand words and as usual Rosie has done me so incredibly proud, I cherish these images and can’t wait for our ‘road trip’ in just over a weeks time!

Clara Bows Fascinator Workshops

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Touched by the hand of Depp

Ok what have all these fabulous people all got in common, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Stephen Fry and Barbara Windsor?  And Matt Lucas…..there’s plenty more as it happens but that’ll do for now…

Well apart from being in the Tim Burton directed Alice in Wonderland Film (just a small thing)……..dah da dahhhhhhhh……….they’ll be eating from my gorgeous Mad Hatter Cake Stands at the private after show party thats taking place very soon (yes my cake stands!).  What started out as a mini order for a very special 5 star London Hotel has snowballed into the ‘must have thing’ that even Disney requested for their tables I’ve been very reliably informed.   Its been a busy couple of weeks which has kept me from posting not to mention that bookings for the Summer have almost reached saturation point plus there are some high profile bits and bobs I’m working on and quite a few interviews I’ve had recently that will be emerging soon, so apologies for the lack of blogging but much of this I am having to keep under wraps for a bit longer.

Touched by the hand of Depp!

Back to the fabulousness though (sigh), my cake stands will be a regular feature with this amazing hotel for a period of time which is wonderful exposure (I’ll reveal who it is the Alice in Wonderland after show party has taken place), and tell you more about what it is they’re doing and how its captured food critics imaginations.

When I started making these cake stands I did so purely with a Alice in Wonderland Themed Event in mind and the very fact they will be used for the premiere after party for film is amazing…….its the stuff of dreams!  And on that note, I’m getting myself an early night as I am pooped.

Night all x

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