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Posh Pie and Mash? Brought to you by Pieminister and Vintage Tea Sets

Well vintage china kittens….just feast your eyes on this will you. When you’ve stopped drooling and gnashing at your monitor you can find out what the hell this is all about further down the page! Hmmmm pies. But just savour that picture for one more second will you.

Be gone friffy fraff food, bring me pie forthwith! Give the guests what they want.

Ok, this is from a photo shoot I did with the fabulous Pieminister. But how?  Why?  Well….cannot beat a good pie, we all know that! and thoughts like ‘pie’ often merge into my china world,  you see its not all china, cake, sandwiches and hats here, I do find time for other things…….*cough*…..like pies……maybe chocolate as well….

Are you strapped in comfortably? Last year I got this thing in my head, this overwhelming urge to get in contact with Pieminister pies with no real reason except I kept thinking posh pie and mash on vintage china would be a real guest pleaser for weddings and events, plus, I’m a real fan of these guys after their pies were becoming regular visitors in my life.

Pieminister was set up in 2002 by Jon Simon and Tristen Hogg and has just steadily grown from humble beginnings in Stokes Croft (an area that is bursting with creatives) to infinity….almost, for now Canary Wharf.  You can buy their pies in Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, a comfort for those who can’t just get to Bristol and eat at one of their pietastic shops that get food critics peeing their pants (sorry but its true, hard to please but when you do, not nice).  Basically these pies had infiltrated my social life, made me buy leggings for this first time since the early nineties and somehow got more family to travel down and ‘visit’…eh?  Thats power that is.  But how?

I first discovered Pieminister pies at our local watering hole.  My husband and I were impressed and in the space of a year I clocked up more pies than I had in a lifetime (bye bye waistline!) and before I knew it visiting friends and relatives were requesting to be taken there……so from humble beginnings two fellas who were passionate about pies having seen how the Aussie’s do it (having lived there myself for sometime I used to frequent Harry’s Cafe De Wheels so I know where these guys were coming from) had permeated my life.

To cut a long story short, after lots of chatting last year, this admiration resulted in a meeting with a very talented food photographer Mike Cooper, Jon Simon himself who I babbled at in a haze of pie admiration…jeeesh what am I like!  but its true, shows what a business can become when you’re passionate about what you do.  So the picture above was created and will be featured on my website soon to demonstrate to Brides that posh pie and mash is the way forward (and let me let you into a little secret, even the editor of ‘You and Your Wedding’ & ‘Cosmo Bride’ is a massive fan of these pies, I know that for a fact).

For more details on having a ‘posh pie and mash’ catered for at your wedding on Vintage Tea Sets china drop the Pieminister team a line or even myself and I’ll forward your query on info@vintageteasets.co.uk


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